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What is a Blacksmith?

A traditional blacksmith typically works with wrought iron to creates objects by using tools like a hammer, anvil, forge and various formers to bend, and shape the material into useful or decorative items. Blacksmithing is a highly skilled trade. 

In our workshop for example we produce objects such as gates, railings, balconies, handrails, security grills, staircases, balustrades, verandas, fire escapes, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils and just about anything else you can think of made of steel.

Modern blacksmiths typically work with mild steel, the traditional material used by a Blacksmith was wrought iron. Today wrought iron is overly expensive and not readily available, although much better for hot working is seldom used by modern blacksmiths. While most companies use bought in compomants like scrolls and rail heads, a True blacksmith can make these items. Anvils and forges are rarely use'd or owned by most fabrication shops. The majority of the work of a modern blacksmith is fabrication of gates and railings as well as structural items for the construction industry.

Where did the name come from?

The "black" in "blacksmith" is a reference to the metals that blacksmiths work with. These metals develop a layer of dark or black oxides as they are worked. "Smith" is developed from "smite," to hit, so a blacksmith literally someone who hits black metal. The tools for blacksmithing are simple, and the art of the work lies in the skill of the practitioner.

We manufacture all kinds of iron work including conservation work and welding.

Please e-mail any enquiry or for a free no obligation quote, phone 01492 875213 or 07763092091